Los Vibrantes Artist Statement


Translated from Spanish, “Los Vibrantes”  means  The Vibrant Ones” – a photographic testimony of the people that shared themselves with me in their rural, sacred, public and private places in Peru, Ecuador and Colombia.

In 1992, inspired by the world to which my Colombian mother introduced me, I left Canada for South America.  There with relatives, friends and strangers I captured moments in their lives with my camera.  The glory of spontaneity and truth was revealed to me through the heart, in silence, and the innocence and freedom of the soul.  I was impressed by how some traditional values and systems can provide answers to our current uncertainties.  A Colombian friend once explained, “More than bringing us gold in your hands, bring us worth”.  “Los Vibrantes” taught me about worth.

 As I optimistically head into an undefined future, I feel that life holds for me (through all of its moments of sharing, receiving and revelation) only reaction and transformation.  The Truth painfully yet patiently shapes us all into ourselves no matter where we are.

 I wish to acknowledge and thank the Ontario Arts Council in Toronto, Canada for its assistance in the production of this work.

Took a long walk, a time ago
Met some people
All kinds
Of people

All were different
All were the same

Sat and talked
Stood and watched
Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow
All at the same time

Everybody’s story was different
Everybody’s story was the same

Felt the space
Reflected from few
A reflection of all.

Pedro Isztin