Group Exhibitions

The River, Wallack Galleries, December Choice, Ottawa, Canada
The River, Great Canadian Theatre Company, ROAR (Spasticus) – Propeller Dance Company, Ottawa, Canada

The Glade, 3rd International Mail Art Exhibition, Nyíracsád, Hungary

Remains, December Choice Exhibition, Wallack Galleries, Ottawa, Canada
Nuance, Galerie Dentaire/Musée d’Art, Contemporain de Montréal, Artsida 5, Montreal, Canada

The River, City Hall Art Gallery, Close to Home, Ottawa Canada

Selected Work, PhotoPlace Gallery, Uncanny: Surreal Photography, curated by Russell Joslin, Middlebury, Vermont
Remains, (work in progress), City Hall Art Gallery, Place and Circumstance, Ottawa, Canada

Destino V (symbiosis), Bytown Museum, Many Guises: Contemporary Self-Portraits, X Ottawa Photography Festival, Ottawa, Canada, curated by Judith Parker
Nuance (work in progress), Patrick Gordon Framing, heart + soul – Photographs that are portraits, X Ottawa Photography Festival, Ottawa, Canada, curated by Justin Wonnacott
Destino III (transformation), The Canada Council Art Bank, Do you see what I mean?, X Ottawa Photography Festival, Ottawa, Canada
in situ, Photosensualis Modern and Vintage Photography, Master Works – 150 Years of Sensual Photography, Woodstock, New York

Remains, (work in progress), Patrick Gordon Framing and Gallery, Back Burner, Ottawa, Canada
Sami, (work in progress), Red Wall Gallery SPAO, Festival Karsh, Ottawa, Canada

Destino III (transformation), Light Work, Tracing Memory, curated by Miriam Romais, Syracuse, New York
in situ, Remains (work in progress), Red Wall Gallery SPAO, X Ottawa, Photography Festival, Watershed, Ottawa, Canada
Tracing Memory, Syracuse, New York, curated by Miriam Romais

Destino III (transformation), Centro de Fotografia, FOTONOVIEMBRE 2007, Tenerife, Spain

Destino I (home),  Rideau Hall, Dialogues: Changing Face of Canadian Contemporary Art, curated by The Canada Council Art Bank, Ottawa, Canada
Remains, (work in progress), Saw Gallery, Design Emporium, Ottawa, Canada

Destino, (work in progress), George Billis Gallery L.A., Los Angeles, California

in situ, Reflected Light II, Boylan Studios, New York, New York
in situ / Destino, (work in progress), Toxic Gallery, Ottawa, Canada
Destino, (work in progress), BloWup Photogalerie, Montréal, Canada
in situ, Stone, Centro de la Imagen, Mexico City, Mexico, curated by Fernando Castro

in situ, METER/Photo L.A., Los Angeles, California
in situ, Stone, Institute of Mexico, Miami, Florida, curated by Fernando Castro
in situ,  Aldo Castillo Gallery, Art in Motion Chicago, Illinois
in situ, Skin 2003/Part 2, Icebox Gallery, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Los Vibrantes, Galleria Forum Inter Art, Rome, Italy -Los Vibrantes, Place des Arts, Montréal, Canada
Los Vibrantes, Rendon Photography & Fine Art, San Antonio, Texas

Los Vibrantes, Community Gallery, York Quay Centre, Toronto, Canada
Los Vibrantes, Rendon Photography & Fine Art, San Antonio, Texas