Destino Artist Statement

Si no hay vuelo, no hay conciencia/If there is no flight, there is no conscience.
-Pedro Isztin

The year 2000 found me in Peru, looking at life from yet another angle. I continued this search over the next seven years in eight countries, not knowing whether I was at the edge of something that would catapult me to the bottom or top of life. I was simultaneously on the outside looking in and deep inside looking out.

The result of this exploration became Destino, a project made up of five series: Home, Journey, Transformation, Catharsis, and Symbiosis. The sixty-six images in Destino mirror humanity in all its forms with images situated in many places and hearts throughout the Americas. Catharsis and Symbiosis are the most intimate segments, revealing an arduous journey towards enlightenment and liberation.

Home is an extension of ourselves. Our body, mind, and soul are the true home we are lent to experience life.

Home begins with a journey and that journey begins in childhood. Childhood is the key to understanding what we are made of.

Revisiting the pain, joy and suffering that our psyches are stamped with no matter how small or large those experiences are as a child. Memories prove that we are not alone.

Departure, death, breakthrough and transformation. Relating to what light had stained a friend’s life, a tattoo was born out of love. Self, echoing the struggle to achieve redemption.

Life continues after death. Life cannot exist without death, or death without life. Energy is trapped. Still life is dancing life; the dancing life of light. It has no beginning and no end. If I can extend the destiny of these two last images, I will extend my thoughts beyond their boundaries.

I am indebted to Bohdanna Racette for her vision, counsel and curation of Home, Journey, and Transformation.