Choosing subjects from around the world, Isztin’s work portrays a sympathetic connection to nature and humanity. His intimate portraits reveal landscapes with “spirit” and “human nature that is, wherever you may find it, by definition universal.”*

Pedro’s photographs reflect the richness of his diverse heritage. Born in 1964 to a Colombian mother and Hungarian father, Isztin lives in Ottawa, Canada. His recent work explores monolithic structures (in the series Remains), inner life and outer world (the installation Sami), the subtlety of a human gesture (Nuance), and studies of land and humankind’s influence on nature (The River, Study of Structure and Form, and The Glade).

The River debuted at Ottawa’s City Hall Gallery in the Fall of 2012, in conjunction with Ottawa’s Photography Festival X and Nuit Blanche. In 2017 the book “The River” will be released, showcasing the series in its entirety.

In his most recent 2017 solo exhibition Desposorio, the themes of human mortality, transformation, and the unknown are explored through the use of the Risograph printing process.

Pedro has received various awards to support the creation of his projects, including an Ontario Arts Council Award (2006), and a Canada Council for the Arts: Photography Project Grant (1999). Isztin’s work has been exhibited internationally and featured in photography books, Full of Grace (2006, New York), and magazines such as Contact Sheet (#148, 2008, Syracuse, NY), Private (#37, 2007, Italy), and Ottawa’s Guerilla (#17, Vol 5, 2008). His work is represented by Wallack Galleries and is also in the permanent collection of the Canada Council Art Bank and The City of Ottawa’s Fine Art collection.